Museo Diocesano Brindisi

University Internship

The curricular internship is a learning experience that university students can take in a place that has special agreements with their University (institution or business) to get to know directly the work reality. The internship can be mandatory or optional, according to the requirements of the university course, and it has to be taken in the year dictated by the curriculum. Students receive a certain amount of university credits, called CFU, according to their curriculum. The internship aims at “creating moments to alternate work and studying in a process of educational growth, and to facilitate the future selection of a job by getting to know directly the work reality” (art. 1 D.M. 142/98). The internship signifies several things for the student: orientation, which aims mainly at creating a direct contact with different work realities to get to know them; education, to deepen, verify and amplify the content of the university course. For the university the internship is a chance to check the correspondence between its educational offer and the potential job opportunities on the market. For the museum, the internship symbolizes an advantageous opportunity of exchange as it opens its doors to young people and their updated scientific preparation. The internship does not constitute a work relationship and it should be the result of the interaction among different situations: the student’s interest, the ability of the student’s tutor to identify and plan a learning activity, the needs of the museum itself. The relationship between the University and the institutions is made official through an agreement that needs to include an Educational Project.


To activate a curricular internship, there must be active agreement in place between the University and the Museum. If this agreement is not present, it can be signed by filling in the Convention (which has to be printed in two copies and has to be signed by the museum as “hosting institution” (soggetto ospitante). Once the agreement between the hosting institution and the intern is established, the steps are as follows:

  1. The student acquires the form for the educational project, and he or she will fill it with the support of the museum and of his or her tutor: the student must prepare two copies of the form and he or she must sign the copies in all their parts;
  2. The Education Manager of the student’s faculty should receive all the aforementioned documents at least 10 days before the beginning of the internship.