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The network of the Diocesan Museum “G. Tarantini” is made by three parts: the beautiful 13th-century Saint Paul the Anchorite’s church, the 16th-century churches of Saint Teresa and Pious Schools, right behind the port, in an urban space characterized by a rich history and wonderful monuments. Conferences and events can be organized in the elegant main rooms of the churches, with seats and microphones at disposal. The exhibition space is luminous and delicate, embellished by the pictures on the altars, the frescos on the walls, the baroque style intertwined with the medieval paintings.

  • St. Paul's Church
  • St. Teresa's Church
  • Pious Schools Church

Brief technical data sheet of St. Paul’s Church

200 seats

Audio system

  • n. 1 dynamic microphone
  • n. 1 microphone

Brief technical data sheet of St. Teresa’s Church

Capacity of 150 people

Brief technical data sheet of Pious Schools Church

Capacity 100 people

To rend a space please write to