Support the Diocesan Museum of Brindisi-Ostuni

It is possible to participate to the life of the museum and support it at the same time with your time and care.

  • Donations
  • Legacy
  • Volunteering
  • Partnership

Support the museum with donation on the bank account:

Banca Intesa San Paolo

IBAN IT44D0306909606100000106853

Reason: Support the activity of the museum.

Donations and legacy of objects to protect and give value to the artistic heritage.

Volunteering jobs to spend time and share the enthusiasm with the visitors.

Business partnership with the museum:

Becoming a sponsor means to receive positive visibility, to be close to the territory, to start a new policy closer to your employees, keeping also the families within reach; it is possible to sponsor even single events or single works and get special guided tours for your employees.

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