Museo Diocesano Brindisi

Our Educational Laboratories

One of the main goals of the Diocesan Museum “G. Tarantini” is to “train the creative muscle” in schoolchildren promoting the knowledge of the museum and the territory through hour-long workshops. The workshops will end with an explorative moment during which the students will visit the museum. There are several visits:

  • Fantastic beasts and where to find them, for primary school.
  • The manga of the wedding, for middle school.
  • Investigation on a fresco above suspicion, for high school.
  • Young Citizens grow up, workshops about participation and dialogue through art works.
  • Let’s pretend that…on a journey with fantasy, for primary school.
  • Let’s travel with Giovanni, for the primary school.

If teachers are interested, they should send a request via email specifying the content and the requested date of the appointments, which will be booked according to the possibility of the museum.

The request should arrive at least 30 days prior to the appointment.

The teachers will be contacted back directly from the museum personnel.

A class of the size of maximum 25 students is allowed to each workshop.